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VUB Stands Up Against Intolerance

VUB Stands Up Against Intolerance

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The staff and faculty of VUB acknowledge that current events may leave us feeling sad, afraid, and angry. We stand committed to supporting social justice and rejecting all types of injustice that are so often afflicted against people based upon ignorance and hatred. 

VUB provides Montana's veterans with services while honoring their class, educational attainment, gender identity, neuro-cognitive ability, personality, physical ability, political identification, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and myriad identification markers that often leave many of us feeling vulnerable to the threat of discrimination.

Now, more than ever, we strive to offer you assistance, education, and mentoring while honoring who you are, who you feel yourself to be, and who you seek to become.

VUB ̶ standing up for equity.

VUB ̶ moving upward toward justice.