Welcome to Veterans Upward Bound Live-Online!


Student Welcome

Welcome to Veterans Upward Bound live-online instruction.  There are seven areas we must focus on to ensure that your online learning environments are set up correctly: 


  1. System Requirements
  2. Joining a Google Meet session
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Google Meet Test
  5. Google Meet Training & Tutorials
  6. Calling In During Class
  7. Summary


System Requirements

You must have a computer with access to reliable internet and a telephone to participate in any of our classes.  Please visit the following page to verify that your computer meets the minimum Google Meet System Requirements.  *It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome web browser with Google Meet.   Google Meet System Requirements

 Joining a Google Meet Session 

Each course will have its own Google Meet login.  Click on your course and it will be located at the top.  After you have clicked on the course, the next page will show two sections.  The first section will have a button to click on to enter the live class session.  The next session will display recorded class session that you can review.


  Join a Video Meeting

 Quick Start Guide

Please review the following document regarding logging in and using Hangouts Meet. Google Meet Quick Start Guide 

Google Meet Test

If you have not conducted a test on the computer you will use to participate in the class(es) you need to visit the following website on the internet.  This site will check your computer and ensure it is compatible to receive and transmit with Google Meet.  It is likely that this system test will install the necessary files/programs on your computer.  Google Meet Settings

Google Meet Training & Tutorials

Google Meet training site



  1. Log into Google Meet: (Google Meet webpag)
  2. Click Sign in, located at the top right: (Sign in )
  3. Enter your email account username/password.
  4. Click Join or start a meeting.
  5. Enter the meeting code.
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